The history of the resort house «Sonyachna Dolyna» (Sun Valley) begins with mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» (Kvasova Polyana). This water is more than 500 years old. The first mentions about it are found in the muniments of the Hungarian king dated by 1463. Among natural healing table waters of Ukraine «Polyana Kvasova» is one of the most popular ones. One of the springs of Polyansky mineral water deposit, which is 2 km away from the center of Polyana village, has brought Poliansky kvasova waters a great fame. As it is commonly known, in Transcarpathia the springs were called 'Burkuts' and mineral water - kvasova water, or kvass. Initially, the water from these springs was exported by barrels, but already in 1840, it was bottled and exported to various countries of Europe under the name "Polyanska".

In 1914, an illustrated guide to the resorts and mineral springs published by Balneotherapeutic Society of the Holy Crown of Hungary described the Polyana spring, as "first class water, splendid table water, which, mixed with milk, is an excellent means of mucus dissolving. So far, only facilities for bottling and packaging of mineral water are found in this place. However, the superb location of the spring, wonderful air, climate and area that is protected from all sides by mountains can be used as a resort".

"For the healthy this is a beverage with wonderful taste, quenching one`s thirst mixed with wine, cognac or citric acid" (advertisement, 1913). Mineral water Polyanska had been marked in: Budapest 1842, Paris 1855, Vienna 1866, 1873, Budapest 1882, 1883, Kosice 1880, Vienna 1884, Budapest 1884, Sobrance 1881, Uzhgorod, 1883, Maramorosh-Sziget 1882, Budapest 1885, 1895, 1911.

Diplomas and Rewards: Vienna 1873, 1894, Budapest 1885, 1896 (Millennium), Chernivtsi 1886, Luhosh 1911.

Chemical composition of mineral water had been studied by university professors in Budapest; as well as by doctors, chemists, pharmacists of Austria, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. According to these studies in the springs of Polyana deposit in addition to a high content of hydrocarbons, the presence of boron, iron, and lithium was revealed.

Resuming the bottling of Polyana mineral water under the name «Polyana Kvasova» started in 1946, this time, from the bore of an eastern part of New-Polyana area of a Polyana deposit, at the factory for bottling mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» (at the location of former factory) and Svaliava mineral water plant. Mineral water is being distributed in Ukraine and is exported to the CIS countries, USA and Canada.


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